Mythical Dreams
by Marina Korenfeld and Eli Bezimansky

Marina Korenfeld and Eli Bezimansky are an artistic duo working in many creative fields. Both are artists, combining world mythological stories with personal experiences and literary creations. They find the fullest expression of their artistic credo in the mystical poetics of ancient civilizations, in Babylonian mysteries and Kabbalistic numerologies, the art of alchemy and the austere simplicity of Zen. Their language is Symbolism. Marina is a printmaker, Eli is a sculptor and printmaker. They’ve met in the US where they immigrated in the 90s from Odessa, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia.

Besides working on the art pieces of their own, together they organized “IDEA” – Aesthetic center for children in Brooklyn, with the main focus on the process of training the imagination, which occurs through games and creative assignments during the courses in Russian, art, and sculpture. Today, “IDEA” is 22; it became a strong place of development for young intellectuals, artists, thinkers, community leaders and citizens.

Marina and Eli live on Staten Island together with their most challenging and creative projects: Leo (14) and Roman (12)
Work of Eli Bezimansky ELI BEZIMANSKY was born in 1970 in the city of Moscow, an exuberant cultural center whose dazzling cosmopolitanism contributed to the formation of Eli’s kaleidoscopic vision. Like the elusive essence of the ancient city, this vision often undergoes multiple metamorphoses to embrace yet another aesthetic. Always flawlessly executed, Eli’s works seem to carry an impish spark of provocation, a curious amalgam of wisdom and irreverence that marks Eli’s own character...

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Work of Marina Korenfeld MARINA KORENFELD's works evoke a quest for the mysterious, with a use of a symbolism that is profound, emotionally gripping, and visually stunning. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, with her father an accordion teacher and her mother a drama coach, her home was visited by artists, musicians, actors, comedians, and poets, creating an atmosphere that shaped and prepared her for a life in the arts...

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